The beauty industry is in full growth and development, which brings a sense of euphoria and creativity inside of me.

The creative process is a continuous one. I rely on intuition, everything around becoming secondary and unimportant.

I am often asked how I find so much enthusiasm for creating new concepts. I decided to write about it here ... Inspiration and euphoric state that emerges in me comes from what others see as regular places, flavors and routine.

Do I follow global trends? No! These are just a start, an action-vector coming from absolutely every area. There are visions that others have, but I'm not limited by them. Yes, I am hungry for new information and innovation, but not the ones created and fully established by others.

I must thank this year for great collaborations with young photographers. It has been a year full of workshops, shootings, master classes and mentoring.

My attitude towards shooting is a special one. A picture of my creation is a message I want to send anyone that apreciates this art. I am grateful to the personalities that came into my life and had the same creative wave as I did. 


Victor Detto. You are a wonderful artist with whom it is easy to work and especially talk about art creation.

 Vadim Putregai. The moment I met you I catched you artistic point of view and involvement in everything you do. 

  Sofia Golovinscaia. Full of energy. Too young but too wise and too good in what you do. 



In 2016 trips were part of my job as well. I want to thank all the people I have met and who left an print in my world.

Looking for inovations. International MakeUp Artist Trade Show (IMATS 2016). Los Angeles, CA, USA.

 MasterClass. Advanced Techniques. Vilnius. Lithuania

Contouring and Creative MakeUp. Batumi, Georgia.

Advanced MakeUp Techniques. Suceava, Romania.

Advanced MakeUp Techniques. Târgu Mureș, Romania.

MasterClass - The MakeUp Show. Bucuresti. Romania 

Looking for inspiration. Dubai, UAE.

Bridal MakeUp Evolution. Timisoara, Romania.


I always trust what I feel and my experience allows me to have the confidence that any experiment will become a creation, and some call it brilliant. :)

I recommend you to do the same!