"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"


                                                                                    Leonardo Da Vinci


We inspire through our creativity and awaken emotions, desires.

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Eventually, inspiration is important! I don't think it's plagiarism, if a makeup is personalized according to the person's style.

It awakes our acceleration to create. In reality, what do we see? Countless brides, godmother, not portable make-up, which may be good based on techniques, but overall it's too much, too much



 I think it's about the general culture of each of us in particular.
 Style is the creation of individuality and personality in each hand. Beauty is relative!

But still, why is it so complicated? Why do we see technical makeup, but not personalized?
When analyzing pictures, I accept it technically, so I think that it's OK! But style is unacceptable! It's just like a top coat that you wear, but which does not suit you.

Conclusion: It looks sophisticated everything that is simple !!!