Date: 18-20 April 2016

Place: Timisoara, Romania

Me and my team created a special masterclass that will include new techniques and current topics that are necessary for a make-up artist to advance. Of course this masterclass is for make-up artists that already have experience in this domain and are willing to learn new things. It is a unique and profoundcourse on diverse techniques of work which is divided into 3 days: the first 2 days will be all about demonstrations of make-up but the 3rd day will be dedicated to a practice with me.

I will be talking about highlighting and contouring, for this is one of the most important part in a make-up. Have you ever thought about why is contouring so important? And how a wrong contouring can disadvantage your client. In our line of work, contouring is absolutely crucial so that the model, bride, or celebrity will have dimension on camera or on Tv. Inorder to do a good contouring it's absolutely necessary to know the physiognomy of the face, which I will be talking about. 

At the demonstration you will also get close with the red carpet, special bride and event make-up.  How do they differ from one another? How to make the diversity in order to not have the same thing on and on. And of course my ultimate favorite topic which is lifting and correcting make-up. We all know the importance of a lifting make-up, and most of all, the products. Not all products that we use with younger skin fit with the older. You will find out the new MUST- HAVE products in a lifting make-up and how to make a woman look younger and sharpen her beauty.

I am looking forward to see all the amazing make-up artists that want to do better and learn, for I think there's always place for learning more. Because we are in a continous progress, we simply have to keep up...

I really hope we will have a good time!

For more informatio, you can contact my  organizer from Romania : , www.nikolasacademy.