Perfect eyebrows – expression of your personality


I think that It’s no news that a perfect eyebrow, correct whipped not only changes the whole physiognomy, but it’s the key to a successful makeup. Natural, arched, upward, dense, the eyebrows ended up being a standard of beauty.

Make-up artists are those that can inform clients about the trends, but also offer the illusion of rejuvenation and emotions. In order to offer esthetic balance, we need to take into account the main criteria in making the expression. The expression of the eyebrows knows no limits.


Form creating: Choosing the key points helps us create a diagonal which is the indicator of the process of whipping. Do not pluck more threads at once but start tweezing one by one. From the interior corner keeping the diagonal to the exterior.

The must-have products for our personal use helps us stylize the eyebrows after the latest trends.

Depending on the effect we want to obtaine, we can choose:

  • Mascara eyebrows: (dark blonde; medium brown; dark brown). It helps us fixate those rebel threads and create a well- arranged eyebrow.
  • Eyebrow pencil: Brows that are drawn with a pencil remains to be a classical method which is the perfect choice for a daily makeup.
  • Waterproof gels: helps us obtain perfect forms and resistance of the eyebrows during the day.
  • Eyebrow shadows: offers a natural color accent.
  • Beige concealer: to create brightness and volume after tweezing.

 The trends of this season is to have your eyebrows dense and, tweezed on a natural line and carefully aranged.